Our Dig Site

Aedan and I found an animal skull in the woods on Wednesday when we were working on our rock trail.

We set it aside for Emma and gingerly walked around to find the rest of the bones.  Knowing that she would love to excavate the bones, we surrounded them with sticks and left them alone.  (of course, we just happened to make a pentagon around the dig site and I have had nightmares of sorcery and witch hunts since)

We were right – she skipped her afternoon snack and instead grabbed a shovel and headed for the woods.  Aedan led her to the dig site and gladly helped dig, but refused to touch the bones.  Emma donned gloves while working, and would really like some proper medical gloves to finish cleaning the bones and rebuild the skeleton.

After she found all the bones she could find, she took the shoebox up to the office and polled Joel’s coworkers about the animal type.  Most think it’s a raccoon and one said cat, and one told us that we had better not take that skeleton into his house!  Don’t worry Joel – it’s not coming inside on my watch either!

Our initial Googles show very similar heads for the raccoon and the cat, so we need to figure out how the legs and arms hook together and take a closer look at  the teeth.  Emma’s next sharing day is Wednesday, and she plans to make it all about bones – guess we had better start thinking on snacks that look like bones!


  1. That is really cool! My son would love to help dig up bones! What a great hands-on learning experience that she’ll never forget! Who needs schools when there’s opportunities like this in real life!? j/k Bone snacks…hummmm…..maybe pretzel sticks in (melted) white almond bark and a marshmallow head? Let me know what you come up with!

  2. Isaac says it might be an alligator because thats a pretty huge head! 🙂

  3. I just saw this comment today! I was trying to think of a snack mix that looked like assorted bones or something, but could only come up with pretzel sticks. They liked the veggies, but I worried that it would be too time consuming for the teacher/students.