Pulling Ahead

Emma is officially faster than me.  For now.  Our 1/2 mile jaunt down to the track, plus three-400 meter repeats, plus the 1/2 mile back to get Aedan from dance is increasing steadily in pace.  She is gearing up to run her first 5k (3.1) miles next weekend, and is soooo excited!  I don’t know if she will be able to run the entire distance, but I am quite certain that she could cover 2 miles faster than my waddle at this point.

Actually, I don’t think I am waddling yet.

Her improvements in other areas are causing Mom and Dad some trouble at home as well.  Prior to this month, Emma strongly disliked silent reading.  She loves reading, but didn’t quite understand the satisfaction and purpose of “reading in her head.”  They have SSR time at school, and I also dug out a PVC “reading phone” from my school things; between the two methods she can now be found curled up in a cozy place reading silently.  Which opens the next can of worms…

I used to pre-read all of the books she read independently; I wanted to know what was going to happen so I could be prepared to explain and extend.   Lately, though, she has been reading too far ahead of Mommy and Daddy in our evening chapter books and I fell behind.  Joel was reading with her the other night and starting shooting me looks with raised eyebrows and concerned eyes as I read to Aedan across the room.  And then Emma burst into tears.  A supporting character had just died of cholera.  Joel recovered nicely; he explained cholera, the plights of the early immigrants, and innovations in healthcare and medicine that allow nations like ours to be free of such disease.

(Don’t worry.  We made the mistake of sharing how other countries still battle such devastating diseases; Emma is now saving up for water purification kits and goats for Africa.)

A final fun story; I had hijacked the kids’ collection of bath/shower crayons and used them in my shower to jot down a list of things I had been pondering.  My plan was to leave them on the shower wall for Joel to read the next morning.  (Do any other Moms consider an uninterrupted-more-than-five-mintue shower to be a little bit of heaven on earth?  I do!)

Anyhow, I realized the other day that we only have four stocking holders and will need a fifth.  I can’t find the set online that we have anymore to buy matching additions, so one of my list items included the word “Christmas.”  By the time Emma showered the next evening, most of the words were gone, but she could piece together bits and pieces and definitely saw the word “Christmas.”  She started sneaking into the bathroom with flashlights and laser lights, trying to see what else I had written; she was determined to decode what she assumed was our Christmas list of gifts for the kids.

To have a little fun, Joel grabbed the crayons before her shower last night and wrote a fake Christmas list in the shower.  I was in the next room folding laundry and I heard her start reading.  As she began to notice the discrepancies between the Emma and Aedan lists she yelled out, “Hey!  I can read this stuff, ya’ know!”  She was irked to see that Aedan was more heavily favored in the gift department, but was super excited about her impending trip to China – she thought we were really sending her on some sort of mission trip!

Agghhhh….she is growing up too fast!  She beat me home from the bus stop today by less than five minutes.  When I made it inside after retrieving Aedan from daycare (no preschool on Fridays), she had fresh clovers in a vase for me and a bowl of Cheerios poured for my snack.  Don’t tell Emma, but I don’t think I am quite ready for these steps toward independence.