Six Months

Higdon had his 6-month checkup Thursday.  It is hard to believe that this happy little guy is halfway to his first birthday!

Emma and Aedan (and Mallory) decided to celebrate his half-birthday on the 19th with cupcakes and balloons and giant birthday card.  I’m sure Higdon appreciated their efforts 🙂

Here are his stats:
Height: 27 in., 60th %ile
Head Circumference: 60th %ile
Weight: 16.2 lbs., 20th %ile

Other than not babbling consonants yet, Higdon is scarily advanced.  He crawls, goes from sitting–>crawling–>sitting, pulls himself up to stand, is starting to grab with a pincer grasp, and causes all sorts of problems due to his mobility.  Emma and Aedan both developed along fairly normal timelines, but Aunt Amy was reportedly walking at 8 months.


He eats cereal and a veggie twice/day now and even tolerates big brother and big sister handling the spoon.  We have been brushing up on our baby sign language, and Emma and Aedan sure get a kick out of signing more, more, do you want some more? to Higdon.  I know they are going to be so excited when he starts signing to us!

Higdon calms himself by clutching fistfulls of hair with one hand and sucking on the thumb of his other hand.  Well-meaning strangers often try to untangle his fist from my hair, but he soon digs and twists his way back.  He usually sleeps 10-11 hours at night, but still has some goofy nights and bouts of crying before he self soothes to sleep.  He takes two naps/day and is quite happy and easily entertained.

Cherry pie et al

Emma and Aedan and Mommy love to read nursery rhymes with Higdon; we make up predictable actions to go with the rhymes and he has grown to expect tickles and sound effects and bouncing at various parts of the rhymes.  It’s quite clear that he is enamored with his siblings; he chases them around corners when they hide from him, gnaws on their shoes and drools on their blankets.

Cherry pie et al

Here are six-month pictures of Emma and Aedan: