So How Was Your Day?

Most suppers, and many breakfasts, are shared together as our family of five around our table.

After many years of modeling, Higdon has taken over my role of “conversation starter.”  As soon as we finish prayer, he turns to me and says, “So, how was your day Mom?”  Sometimes he is more specific, asking how a specific student fared in preschool, asking what I had for lunch, or asking what I did at ITS.  He rotates around the table with his questions and everyone shares some snippet about their day.

Joel is usually asked about his run, as he either ran during lunch or just finished before supper, depending on his schedule.

Emma is eventually asked to stop talking, as we realize that she has consumed no food and only conversation.

Aedan listens intently and prepares for his turn to respond to Higdon’s question.  He likes to share something that he learned that day, and is always disappointed if we already know his fact.

Higdon typically shares a whopper of a story; an encounter with Slimer the ghost at daycare, a play-by-play of sneaking out of school to visit the cone shoppe, or reports of every rule broken at daycare or preschool. (not by him, of course!)

Higdon learned story-telling from my dad; who subscribed to the theory that no story was worth telling without a little added mustard.

His eyes are big when he shares, and he nods his head at key points during the story to aid his authenticity and capture your trust. There’s little you can do but play along with his story and marvel at the delivery.