The Early Weeks

Higdon had his checkup with the pediatrician on NYE; he is a couple ounces over his birthweight, has a blocked tear duct which will likely go away on its own, had a massive diaper blowout that impressed the pediatrician, and behaved well for Mom during our quick jaunt into Target.

He sleeps well most nights – doing three chunks of three-ish hours of sleeping in his crib between feedings.  At night he sleeps in his room across the hall from us, and during the day he sleeps in the bassinet in the midst of our usual noises.  Higdon still doesn’t like to take a pacifier, which is quite opposite of the other two kids, but does take an occasional bottle from Daddy fairly well.

The big kids went back to school on Thursday, Jan. 3.  They were both happy to head back, and curious about what I did all day in their absence.  I was worried that Aedan wouldn’t like heading back to school and daycare, as he really enjoys his Mommy time.  He appears to really be enjoying himself, and has asked if he can go to daycare some extra mornings while I stay home and work.

Higdon is sure developing his personality quickly; he recognizes my voice and will stop crying when he hears me approach his crib, and smiles widely and often at Mom, Dad, brother and sister.

We haven’t decided who he most resembles; he definitely has Joel’s nice, normal-sized ears, he has almost purple-blue eyes right now, and his forehead wrinkles remind me of all of my balding Marshall uncles…



  1. LOVE the pictures!! What a sweetie.

  2. He is so sweet! Thank you for sharing! I am so happy for you all! And if you took those pictures, photography is among your many talents! Congrats and God bless.