The Most Magical Place on Earth

Emma asked Santa for tickets to Disney World this year at Christmas, a shock to her parents and the jolly old fellow himself.

We watched the Disney Christmas festivities after breakfast just like always, Joel and I watching the kids light up as their favorite characters crossed the screen.

Just a few days later we started the Disney jar, giving our kids opportunities to earn and save money towards a vacation to Disney World.

Joel and I had already been planning a spring break getaway for just the two of us, celebrating our ten-year anniversary and taking advantage of two Marshall sisters with coordinated spring break schedules.  Eventually, though, we ditched those plans in favor of spending spring break with our kiddos in the most magical place on earth.

On Friday evening, we gathered around the table to make plans for the rest of the night.  Aedan had a ticket for a free ice cream treat at the Cone Shoppe which he desperately wanted to redeem.  Emma thought ice cream sounded good as well, and added her request of cheese balls and supper food.

I had already made fake tickets to Disney World and snuck them into the Disney jar before our family meeting.  Joel began by laying twenty dollars on the table and asking the kids if they would rather have twenty dollars for the Disney jar or twenty dollars worth of food at the Cone Shoppe.  Emma immediately jumped up to grab the Disney jar and decided that supper at home sounded great.  Aedan, on the other hand, reminded us that his ice cream treat would be free and remained firm that someone would be taking him out for ice cream.

We settled on an ice cream treat for each kid and cheese balls to share if they agreed to eat supper at home, and invited Emma to put the spare twenty dollars in the Disney jar.

She began reading the homemade tickets as she removed them from the jar, dropping her jaw and looking wildly from Mommy to Daddy.  Emma passed the tickets around the table to the named owners and asked if they were really tickets to Disney World.  Poor Aedan really wanted his ice cream and began crying, “I don’t want to go to Disney…I just wanna go to the cone shoppe!”

Emma ran around the house giving hugs and kisses and thank yous, and eventually sold Aedan on the prospect of a Disney trip.  We then told the kids that they would have one day to pack (Saturday) and that we would leave home on Sunday.  The kids were also instructed to look inside their school backpacks – I had already stocked them with coloring books, cards, snacks, gum and such for the airplane, autograph books and new Disney shirts.

We did eventually make it to the cone shoppe that night, and were thrilled that the kids respected our reminders to not be boastful about their upcoming trip.

Our flight left from Chicago early Monday morning, giving us an opportunity to eat supper with my old college roomie Erin on Sunday.  Our direct flight delivered us to Orlando without incident, and we had as much fun as a family could possibly have until late Friday evening when we flew home.

The kids were amazingly gracious and thankful and appreciative the whole week, and kept giving us hugs and kisses and saying, “Thank you soooo much!”  They were well-behaved, polite and patient, and were troopers as we walked throughout the parks without a stroller and waaaaayyyy past bedtime.

Hopefully I will get my posts and pictures rounded up soon so you can see a little bit of our Disney magic!



    what a wonderful way to spend spring break!

  2. Aunt Traci says:

    We thought about all of you all week and can’t wait to see the posted pix!