You be the baby and I be the momma

One of Higdon’s favorite games is you-be-the-baby-and-I-be-the-momma.

Or with Aedan, you be the puppy and I be the mommy puppy.

In his mind, mommies play toys, mommies bring you drinks in bed, snuggle you up and read you books, and give you lots of butterfly kisses.  Mommies particularly like to play with a certain wooden pull-behind snail.

Every Friday, when I am home with just Higdon, we play you-be-the-baby-and-I-be-the-momma.  He reads me books.  He brings me blankies and snacks and says sweet things.  He takes my phone away and says, “You supposed to be the baby!” If I try to sneak a peak at my email or answer a text.  And he gets out his stacking cups to use for food and water dishes for his wooden snail.

If the weather is tolerable, we also walk down to the pond and look for fish.  We take Dakota through the pasture and look for reindeer tracks.  We make sure that the bird feeder and the fairy garden wagon are well-stocked with bird food, and sometimes we scratch on Daddy’s window at work and run away.

Lunch is low-key and followed by at least one load of laundry.  Higdon helps put clothes in the washer and dryer, and supervises the loaded baskets by riding in them down the hallway.

Higdon hasn’t take a Friday nap consistently since school started again this fall, but we always try anyhow.  Recently I got him to snuggle with me on the coach and he fell asleep right before the bus arrived with Emma and Aedan.  Despite their tiptoes when entering the house, he stirred, rolled onto the floor, and happily continued sleeping until 5:30 that evening.

I try telling Higdon that the bus won’t come until he sleeps, but it never works.  Minutes after I lay him down for nap, he sticks his head out and says, “Is the bus I here yet? I thought I heard the bus!”

“Nope!  The bus can’t come until you take a nap, sweetie.”

“But I did sleep, Mommy.  I just woked up!”

We always enjoy our time together on Fridays, but the best part is the end; sitting at the top of the driveway watching for the bus, and then unleashing Higdon and watching as he sprints down the lane yelling for Emma and Aedan.  Their expressions are equally joyful as they race toward him.