Day 4: Hollywood Studios (part 2)

It's still Thursday, Day 4, at Hollywood Studios, Downtown Disney and The Magic Kingdom.  We had warned the kids that Thursday was the last … [Read more...]

Day 4: Hollywood Studios (part 1)

Aedan's special day was Thursday, Day 4.  His wasn't quite as surprising as Emma's, because our dear children know us to be so fair and … [Read more...]

Day 3: Epcot

Wednesday was Emma's special surprise day.  Whenever she tried to guess what it was, she would say, "Oh!  I hope it's a souvenir shop!"  She … [Read more...]

Day 2: The Magic Kingdom

Day 2 was Tuesday and followed a very late evening on Monday.  Joel went for a run while the kids ate breakfast, Mommy went for a run while … [Read more...]

Our Hotel

We stayed on resort at WDW, in the All Star Movies Resort.  This is classified as a "value" lodging option, meaning it's among the … [Read more...]

The Most Magical Place on Earth

Emma asked Santa for tickets to Disney World this year at Christmas, a shock to her parents and the jolly old fellow himself. We watched … [Read more...]