The Big Day

Aedan and I tried very hard to nest Monday morning.  I feel a little slighted that I have never had an overwhelming nesting sensation in all … [Read more...]

38 and 39 weeks

My 38 week appointment was just a quick, three minute check-in with the doctor.  Everything looks good, and we reviewed signs of labor and … [Read more...]

36 and 37 weeks

I have an appointment every week now; Joel accompanied me for my 37 week checkup because it's normally a little longer and more informative. … [Read more...]

The Turkey Trot

Several weeks ago, Joel announced his intentions to run the 7.5 mile turkey trot at a somewhat competitive pace.  Since Emma is still … [Read more...]

34 weeks

I had my 34 week checkup on Nov. 12, and will see the Dr. again on Monday the 26th for a more-thorough 36-week exam. In two weeks, … [Read more...]

32 Weeks

Just days before my 34 week checkup, here are the results from 32 weeks: I gained two pounds this month, but it feels more like ten. … [Read more...]

28 weeks

Monday morning began with the normal routines; breakfast, changing clothes, checking backpacks and dropping E at school.  When A and I … [Read more...]

24 weeks

Here are a couple updated pics for your viewing pleasure - Emma took the picture of me in this year's MMU race shirt; don't worry - I didn't … [Read more...]

Poor Joel

A typical (pregnant) night for Leslie and Joel The kids were bathed, read to, and tucked in bed by 7:45.  Leslie and Joel headed out to … [Read more...]

20 weeks

We had our 20 week checkup on Monday.  Joel went with me to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat for the first time. Everything … [Read more...]