Eggs, over easy

Emma was a bit excited before preschool this morning, and had to finish part of her breakfast in the car. More on why she was excited … [Read more...]

rough morning

I woke Emma at 7:15 this morning (school starts at 8:00), and as she stretched her limbs and arched her back she said, "Did I sleep all the … [Read more...]

Eat it or wear it!

Caution:  not for those weak in stomach  (Amy) Yesterday at lunch, an idea occurred to Aedan while his spoonful of applesauce was midway to … [Read more...]

What time is it?

This morning over breakfast, Emma decided she was going to teach Aedan how to tell time using their favorite TV shows.  She showed him what … [Read more...]

No! This is your honey!

My kids are not feeling well today. Aedan spent most of the morning in his nest of blankies and animals.  Emma has been playing calmly and … [Read more...]

Poop, poop, poop. Gas, gas, gas.

Who taught them this? Aedan recently sat on top of Emma, who was lounging on her tummy, on the floor, with a good book. "Poop, poop, … [Read more...]

a cold winter came

After baths and stories every night, Joel and I both take a turn singing a song to Aedan in his bed.  My pick is always Hallowed by Jennifer … [Read more...]

Is that with two big bellies?

Emma suddenly wants to write!  Normally she complains of hand fatigue after just her name, but today she brought me one of her favorite … [Read more...]

Our finest gifts

The Disney Princesses paid homage to Baby Jesus today.  Attended by their pet dogs and Mrs. Potts, they followed the star to Bethlehem where … [Read more...]