Baby Signs

My first year of teaching, which was in a K-5 Multi-Cat. Special Ed. classroom, I had a student whose parents were hearing impaired.  The … [Read more...]

Six Months

Higdon had his 6-month checkup Thursday.  It is hard to believe that this happy little guy is halfway to his first birthday! Emma and … [Read more...]

five months

Higdon at five months: is on all fours, scootching and so close to crawling. sits independently fairly well can go from all fours to … [Read more...]

Good morning brothers

Emma and Aedan have been waking up earlier than normal the past few weeks.  It has been nice to have a little help doing the dishes in the … [Read more...]

Four Months

Can you believe it?  Baby Hal is 4 months already!  He has quite the personality - almost always smiling and laughing and talking. He has … [Read more...]

Ten Square Feet

Higdon's favorite place (other than in my arms!) is about ten square feet of carpet along a wall, within reach of the rocking chair and … [Read more...]

One Month

Higdon celebrated one month on 1/19/2013.  The big kids were excited to celebrate because I let them pick a special dessert in his honor - … [Read more...]

Tummy Time

Throughout my most recent pregnancy, I often complained to the doctor of a soreness in my upper abdomen.  My googling kept telling me that … [Read more...]

The Early Weeks

Higdon had his checkup with the pediatrician on NYE; he is a couple ounces over his birthweight, has a blocked tear duct which will likely … [Read more...]

Higdon Alan

Baby Hal is here, and boy are we glad we chose Wednesday over Thursday! Higdon Alan Althoff was born at 4:32 PM on Wednesday, December … [Read more...]