Paper Heart Animals

I precut hearts for my prek class last week; red, light pink and dark pink and all sorts of sizes. I searched for examples online of … [Read more...]

Castanets and Maracas

The last two weeks in Emma's spanish class, we have discussed el cinco de mayo. I found a really informative book at our public library … [Read more...]

Bears, Bears

Emma's chosen theme for snack, sharing and story today was bears. She picked a book from Aunt Amy that includes non-fictional information … [Read more...]

Butterfly Day

Emma's Kindergarten teacher has a neat procedure for sharing and treats; when it is your day to bring snacks, you can also bring something … [Read more...]

lunchbox rehearsal

If you have ever dined with Miss Emma, you know that questions and trivial facts typically outnumber the amount of calories consumed by the … [Read more...]