Dressing for Disney

As we planned our Disney trip, my imagination went wild thinking about all of the cute outfits I could make for the kids - mostly Emma. I … [Read more...]

1 owl, 2 owls, 3 owls, whooooo…

Why are owls so darn popular today? We were shopping at Target for a birthday gift for a friend last week, and I couldn't believe all of … [Read more...]

Rescue Buddies

Remember these? And how Emma said she wanted to use my curtain ties for rescue vests for her puppies? Well, we made six vests this … [Read more...]

Curtain ties

We have three sets of 83-inch-long blackout drapes in our bedroom.  They do a great job keeping noise, unfavorable temperatures and light … [Read more...]

I Spy Bags

I found a new craft blog that I absolutely love!  Last week we bought supplies to make I Spy Bags and Felt Mr. Potato Heads, and finished up … [Read more...]

upcycled men's shirts

All of those years spent playing dress-up in Grandma Bea's basement are starting to payoff.  I can make cute things out of old things! My … [Read more...]

polo skirts

Joel recently cleaned out his closet and ditched a few polo shirts that had rotten collars or fast food remnants on them.  They are now Emma … [Read more...]


Grandma Bea gave me her sewing notions organizer a couple months ago, as she mostly uses just white thread for her nine patch quilts, and … [Read more...]

Fabulous Fleece

I love sewing with fleece - it is such a friendly fabric for newbies. (unless you have to rip out stitches...) Emma loves it when I sew her … [Read more...]