Penguins and Polar Bears

During our last week of our winter theme we studied animals that live in cold climates year-round. Tuesday, penguins: The kids … [Read more...]

Studying Snow

An aside:  This is weeks ago, maybe three.  I keeping forgetting to scan my documents for attaching.  I guess I will just … [Read more...]

Snowmen at Night

Our first three weeks of January are all about winter; snowmen and snowflakes and sledding this week, native animals and winter conditions … [Read more...]

Pipe-cleaner Olympics

In one of my weekly craft emails (maybe Kaboose?) we saw a photo of a pipe cleaner snowboarder, and decided to make an entire collection of … [Read more...]

a cold winter came

After baths and stories every night, Joel and I both take a turn singing a song to Aedan in his bed.  My pick is always Hallowed by Jennifer … [Read more...]