a cold winter came

After baths and stories every night, Joel and I both take a turn singing a song to Aedan in his bed.  My pick is always Hallowed by Jennifer Knapp, and Joel prefers Three Days Before Autumn by Andrew Peterson.  http://andrew-peterson.com/
Three Days Before Autumn is a beautiful song, and has a very calming tune.  But, it’s a song lamenting the death of a Christian artist, and pondering death in general – not exactly your typical lullaby, huh?

If Joel isn’t home at night to sing to Aedan, I sing Hallowed. After I pretend that I am ready to tuck in Aedan, he will undoubtedly start singing Joel’s song.  “Three days ‘fore autumn, cold winter came.  Blew my telephone away…”  Don’t worry, those aren’t the exact words – just Aedan’s version.

This morning I was snuggled up in bed at 7:30 (Joel got up at 5:30 to push snow), when Aedan came running in.  “Mommy!  Mommy!” he shouted as he climbed into my bed.  “A cold winter came!”  Then he hands me my cell phone, which is always on my night-stand.  “Hold your telephone!”

And a cold “winter’s” night it was -we were buried beneath a foot of snow and pounded by 50 mph winds.  No wonder he was worried about my phone blowing away!