Aedan's Checkup

Aedan had his three-year-old checkup today, and did not want to go. He’s never had an issue with visiting the doctor before, and always pretends to be our pediatrician when he plays doctor at home.

He gave me several of the same reasons for not visiting the doctor that he gave us on Sunday when he didn’t want to go to church. It’s dark inside, and God and Jesus are at the train station. It’s dark inside, and Dr. Mersch went home to his children.

I mostly ignored his random statements of refusal throughout the morning, and all was well. Shortly after lunch, I told Aedan that I was going to run outside and grab some veggies from the garden before we left for the doctor office. I asked him if he wanted to accompany me, and pick some produce for Dr. Mersch. Aedan thought that was a great idea, and picked some jalepeno and serrano peppers for the occasion.

Aedan weighed in at just over 31 pounds, was a bit over 36 inches in height, and “read” the 20/32 line on the eye chart.  When we went into our exam room, he plopped his bag of peppers onto the computer desk and began his normal routine of poking around in cupboards and emptying out the drawer of books.

We were into our second book when Dr. Mersch came in, and after exchanging pleasantries with Aedan asked what the bag of peppers were for.  Aedan said, “I got some spicy ones for you!  For your birthday!”  I explained that the peppers were the carrot I dangled to get Aedan to feel good about his appointment today.  He enjoyed the story, and the peppers.

Aedan checked out beautifully, and Joel and I have some tips to try for Aedan’s recent streak of independence and his chronically stuffy nose.

It’s becoming more evident that Aedan will have the Marshall height instead of the Althoff, as he ranks in the 12th percentile.  I guess we can give up working on stride length, and start focusing on turnover rate.