Can we stay home?

The Stone family, from one of many Christmas gatherings this season

We have been somewhere other than home every weekend since the week before Thanksgiving.

Our hotel trips with the kids have been fun – they can both swim around with their floaty vests on pretty independently, and can fall asleep in the same bed without too much trouble.  They eat pretty good on the road, too.  Their favorite snack to eat while driving is an apple, and they make good choices when we are at a restaurant or family gathering.  Both kids can ride a long time without needing a bathroom break.  In all of the miles we traveled, we only had to use one roadside ditch for a potty break.

And, it was definitely fun spending time with family and friends on all of our trips.


Yesterday on the way to our nephew’s birthday party, Emma complained that her bottom was sore from sitting in her booster seat. I told her to try and wiggle around, but she said it felt too fuzzy.

We have had suitcases in our bedrooms since November 20.  We empty them.  We fill them.  Sometimes parts of our trip stay in the suitcase for the next weekend, whether we need them or not.

The car has remnants of each of our trips as well.  One Monday morning I went into our local coffee shop with Aedan, and realized that he was dropping chunks of granola bar from the seat of his pants.  When we got back out to the car, his car seat was indeed full of granola bar from that weekend’s trip.

I can’t stay caught up on our laundry when we are away from home.  I’m thinking we are probably due for some type of appliance mishap in the laundry room, so I had better take it slow today.

Last night when we were getting ready for bed, Emma asked what we were doing today.  I asked her what SHE wanted to do.

“Can we just stay home?” she asked.  “And play with our new presents?  And put my new games in the games closet?  And my new books on the bookshelf?  And read my new books?  And eat cinnamon toast for breakfast? And wear jammies all day?”

We will do all of those things, for at least today.  Maybe even until school starts again.