coffee can ice cream

I waited most of the summer for the guys at Joel’s office to finish the grounds from their metal coffee can so we could make ice cream.  A few weeks after that, I forgot that I had purchased the half-and-half, and let it rot in my fridge.

Fear not.  Today my children learned all about the effect salt has on ice and its melting/freezing/boiling points.

Not really.  But, we did make tasty ice cream.

Ingredients and Supplies:

16 oz. half and half

1/3 cup sugar

4 tablespoons pudding mix (unprepared)

one large coffee can

one or two 16 ounce cans


rock salt for ice cream

Serves 3-4 people

We placed our small can inside our large can, and filled around with layers of ice cubes and rock salt, being careful not to drop any into the inside can.

Our pudding choice was chocolate fudge, and we whisked it together with the half-and-half and sugar.  I placed half of the mixture into a clean can in the freezer for our second batch, and placed the other half in the interior can of our ice cream maker contraption.

At this point, some people duct tape lids onto both cans really securely and let kids kick and roll it to churn the mixture for 15 minutes.  I made my kids stir by hand, and they did pretty good alternating between observing some spare rock salts and churning.

The first batch was finished in 15 minutes, so I swapped it with the other mixture waiting in the freezer.  It was done in less than ten minutes.  I mixed both cans together and placed them back in the freezer until we finished our supper.

I know we made these several times with cans when I was a kid, and I am pretty sure we did it with a gallon sized zipper baggie for the ice/salt mixture and a quart sized zipper baggie for the ice cream mixture.  And maybe some tape over the mouth of the quart bag?  Maybe we will try the “roll the can” method next time!