Emma's first day

During my last year of teaching, I had a girl that often arrived in tears on the two mornings I taught.  As I covered Thursdays and Fridays, I can only imagine what she looked like on Mondays.  She was a good kid, a bright and friendly girl, but apparently couldn’t get ready for school in a timely fashion.  I never witnessed the exchange between the mother and daughter during drop-off, but can only guess what words and thoughts may have been shared.  As I cozied up a spot in the hallway for the girl to sit with a friend and something from her lunchbox or the snack drawer to make up for her missed breakfast, I always thought I would rather have a truancy officer breathing down my neck than leave my children sobbing in a heap at their teacher’s door.

With that thought in my mind, Aedan’s and Emma’s clothes were placed on the couch last night, Emma’s lunchbox was packed, and the camera was readied.

But, I forgot to clarify what she wanted for breakfast.  On preschool eves, I always asked Emma what she wanted for breakfast as I tucked her in – and usually placed a component on the counter so I would remember and have her request ready before I woke her up.  Last night, though, I gave her some choices and she sleepily said, “Those all sound good.”

She woke up to a ham, egg and cheese sandwich but thought she had ordered bread pancakes.  (french toast)  Ooops!

No problem – Emma thought she would probably just eat part of her lunch a little early at school, when she was a little more hungry for breakfast. I guess not only did I forget to tell her that KINDERGARTEN IS EVERY DAY, but THE TEACHER MAKES THE SCHEDULE.  Or, maybe she’s taking the German translation of Kindergarten a little too literally.

Emma finally settled on a cereal bar in the car, after being talked out of wearing every hair accessory in her drawer to make her hair extra special.  This is why we choose outfits and accessories the night before…and we do not deviate from the plan!

Joel found Rosebud stowed away in Emma’s backpack when he extracted her folder, and I said she could keep her in there for today.  That distraction, along with trying to hide the fact that Aedan was barefoot because I couldn’t get the knot out of his shoe, helped me survive without tears during the transfer from hallway to classroom, until I had to remind Emma to come tell me goodbye.  Joel had to drive home…

The rest of Emma’s story is quite a blur.  She was very evasive and goofy when anyone asked questions, and only responded that she loved every part of Kindergarten and hopes she gets to use the play kitchen every day.  I do have a cute video of her telling me about the fact that they got to play on the playground, even though it was raining.  “A little rain couldn’t keep the teachers away!”

She also complained that she didn’t have time to eat the dessert from her lunchbox, because she was trying to eat the healthy food first, and all of the other kids were distracting her.  Emma ate a grand total of: four black olives, four garden carrots, and one nibble of bread.  As she wolfed down her peanut butter cup in the car, she hollered up at me,  “Hey, no more lunchbox for me!  The school food looks good!  Did you know they had all kinds of good food you can buy and eat there?”

*Sigh* After all that fuss about finding a My Little Pony lunchbox…