octopus legs

After I was married, but before I had children, I nannied for three summers for a wonderful family in Cedar Rapids.

Pretty much, I got paid to do the things I would have wanted to do all summer, but didn’t have anyone to do them with.

At some point, one of the kids asked me to make octopuses (octopi, octopodes) out of hot dogs.  I had no idea how, and they walked me through it.

You cut the bottom two-thirds of the hot dog into fourths lengthwise, and then cut each fourth in half legnthwise.  Those are the legs.  On the top third, you can hollow out two spots for eyes.

Then, you boil the dog and it curls up into an octopus.

At some point recently, Joel made one for the kids.  We don’t have hot dogs very often, but Sunday’s weather had us all craving them.

We grilled them Sunday, but on Monday Aedan knew right away what he wanted for supper.  An octopus.

As he bit into it, he stopped to savor his treat and said, “Hmmmm.  Octopus legs!”