Sleeping In

This morning we had our first, of what I’m sure will be many, difficulty getting Emma out of bed. She was snuggled securely in her nest of blankets and puppies, and the cool breeze from her window encouraged her to burrow deeper as I rubbed her back and tried to gently wake her.

This was at 7:20, and school starts at 8:00

During the summer, Emma is barely awake at 8:00, and usually ate her breakfast while Aedan was having his morning snack. I feel like 8:00 is just too early for poor old me Emma to be alert and functioning.  We rebounded quickly this morning, and the kids were fed, watered, clothed, cleaned and pulling up to school at 8:02.  As I was walking her in the door, Emma said, “I’m glad I’m late.  Now I don’t have to do the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I can just work.  That praying always ruins my work.”

There is a positive side to beginning school at 8:00; being back home by 3:00.  Yesterday, that afforded us enough daylight and gorgeous weather to play at the park, make hopscotch games in the driveway, take the dog for a walk, and overturn all the stepping stones in the perennial bed in search of pillbugs and ant colonies.  And that was just before supper.

Last week it was still warm enough to come home and play with Aedan’s Buzz Lightyear sprinkler, and in the winter there will still be enough daylight to go sledding and snowshoeing when our girl returns.

I guess I can sacrifice a little morning laziness if it buys me another hour of fun with my favorite girl!